After more than 30 years in business, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of satisfied homeowners.
Find out what they have to say about their experience with us.

You get to deal directly with the builder and it was seamless. It was awesome. People feel at home working with you, it's like working with a friend.

Ray Morandi

You walk in and the first thing you notice is the craftsmanship and all the little details. From the doors to the staircase, the layouts, the amazing views. It feels like a vacation home every day when you wake up. Everyone just falls in love with it. The layouts are unique, and there is no wasted space. Its open but feels comfy.

Shetal & Meghna Patel

I would recommend Putman Builders to anyone looking to build their dream home.

Dale Leithleiter & Janey Gaudio

We'd recommend Putman Builders in a heartbeat. We like the fact they are family owned and that we got to meet everyone in the building process. They were all friendly and easy to work with.

Jonle & Tonya Anderle

Purchasing our home from Putman Builders was a very quick decision for us. We noticed the quality of construction right away and knew that this would be our forever home. Putman Builders staff provided us with top-notch customer service, and the entire process from signing the contract to closing was seamless. They were so responsive, excellent communicators, innovative and very focused on answering all our questions and needs. We recommend Putman Builders to anyone looking to build

Bobi Komer & Family

During every step you had the right people in place, and you were very responsive, any questions we had about something you would answer back and get it done.

Jason Thomas

After 15 years of looking for a home I had given up. When I walked in to the house, something grabbed me. And I looked up and thought well, it has the staircase I’ve always wanted, and I walked a little further and it has the vaulted ceilings Peter wanted. And I knew then, that was the home that we wanted.

Peter & Patricia Osborn